Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feb 20, 2009

A sweet little spirit
not meant to stay
A gift to our family
too soon went away
Our Noah Eugene
so delicate and new
went back to his home
his mission all through
His task was to gain
a physical frame
his spirit so valiant
needed only our name
We’ll miss you sweet son
and will wait for the day
we can hold you again
to laugh, run and play
We’ll strive for the kingdom
and meet you soon there
for eternity waits
for our family to share
Rachel... (My Sisters Friend wrote)


Angie Hermanson said...

Thank you for sharing this photo. This is the one I would have chosen for the blog. The whole in your heart will take time to heal, and never completely. You will always be my BFF, just like Anna and Katie!

Karen said...

Love you both so much and am glad that you are relying on the Lord to help you through this sad experience. I know He'll help you.
Love ya so much,
Mom Pechin

Morgan Family said...

Thanks for sharing the photo Kim. I am so glad you got to meet your son, and don't forget you will have your chance to raise your beautiful boy:) Love ya!